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Alex Chong
I am the co-creator of Mastema, an indie original graphic novel published by Arcana Studios, where I also provided the art for a short story arc.

Mastema will be in stores soon but is now available digitally @ Comixology, click on the link below and check it out! :)


Batman vs Wonder Woman vs Superman by spunkbrat
Batman vs Wonder Woman vs Superman
"The Queen of the Amazons is a servant to her people. Nothing is beneath her." - WW from the Flashpoint Paradox

Anyone else excited about the BvS movie? I'd have wanted to see the DC trinity trash it out on the big screen, with WW getting the drop on the boys but don't think its gonna happen.

Working on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Procreate was amazing! Test driving and trying to push it a little with a 11"x17" canvas @ 300 dpi to see how the new equipment will perform, occasional freeze but overall am pretty please with it as a light weight portable canvas that can handle rather heavy work load. Palm rejection is great, pencil is a joy to use.

*All characters belong to ... you know who.

iPad Pro
Apple Pencil
Procreate 3
+ a little Photoshop
Mastema by spunkbrat
Wanted to do a more painterly version of Mastema and I got stuck with what to paint for the backgrounds. I always get stuck wondering what to do for backgrounds and ended up back to distant mountain-scapes and lots and lots of skulls. Am always trying something I haven't done before, so this was painted in grey scale before color was overlay-ed on.

iPad 3 is getting slow for this, and I'm limited to 7 layers due to hardware restrictions, so I'm looking forward to the iPad Pro & iPencil, but then again there's the Surface Pro 4 that'll be out soon, and of course there is the Cintiq Companion 2. Procreate is amazing for the iPad, but it doesn't have all the tools I need in Photoshop. I'm hesitant about the Surface's input accuracy and a little put off by the Companion 2's price point, not to mention its weight. Guess will have to wait for the tablets to be released with their pricing before deliberating again on which to go for. What do you think? Which would you choose?

The Mastema OGN is available at Comixology here and the print version should be available in a comic shops soon.

iPad 3
Procreate 2.3.1
Intuos Bamboo Fineline

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Boyann Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
Exceptional :gallery: - splendid artwork. Respect, Sir.
spunkbrat Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
thanks for taking time to go through my stuff, much appreciated.
Boyann Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
My utter pleasure, Sir.
spunkbrat Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2008
Comic Book Challenge Top 50... [link]
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